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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

NOVAhush Ceiling Tiles are a 100% polyester, lightweight tile suitable for installation into suspended ceiling systems.
They have high sound absorbency, are safer and easier to install and are easily cut to fit building services. They have a resilient surface with a fresh, clean printed design that has potential for any customisable print. All ceiling tiles are New Zealand made for the New Zealand market and can be used in: 
  • Offices (especially open-plan areas)  
  • Corridors
  • Boardrooms and conference rooms
  • Libraries and public offices
  • School classrooms and halls
  • Retail stores and showrooms
  • Customer call centres
  • Community halls and auditoriums
  • NOVAhush Ceiling Tiles have a Group 1S, ISO 9705, Fire Rating for New Zealand and Australia
  • There are no chemical binders or pesticides used in the manufacturing process
  • The light weight tile is especially suited to any seismic prone areas
  • The flexible nature of the tile means it will bend rather than snap under pressure
  • Sag tested to 95% relative humidity at 35C
Whether you're looking for a '1-in-a-million' or 1 million specially designed and printed tiles, the NOVAhush acoustic ceiling tile is perfect for your space. The tiles give you the freedom to print your own design. See below for a couple of customisable design ideas:
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