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NOVAtherm - Ceiling, Wall and Underfloor Insulation

NOVAtherm insulation is thermal insulation that is designed and made in NZ. It is ideal for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. 


NOVAtherm insulation is extremely easy to install, and delivers outstanding insulation in ceilings and walls.
NOVAtherm has been installed in over 10,000 NZ homes, and in numerous public buildings including The Sky Tower, Auckland Hospital, Te Papa, and The Beehive. NOVAtherm insulation is an approved product for the EECA Energywise™ Warm Up New Zealand Programme

As appraised by BRANZ, NOVAtherm insulation fully complies with the New Zealand Building Code.  For total assurance, it carries a 50-year performance warranty. Our highest rating NOVAtherm products also have Environmental Choice Certification.

NOVAtherm ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation is made of polyester, the material that is used in most pillows. Ours is a unique mix of premium polyester, including hollow conjugate fibre (high-tech fibre used in quality sleeping bags and extreme outdoor clothing) as well as recycled fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. Polyester is safe and healthy to handle and work with.

Because NOVAtherm ceiling and wall insulation comes in a roll, it is easy and very fast to install. It is simply laid over ceiling framing, or fastened on to wall framing. To fit a specific area, NOVAtherm can be torn to length or cut with shears.

NOVAtherm ceiling blanket and wall insulation can be purchased in a variety of R-values and pack sizes. For more information on product options click here for our product brochure and technical data sheets.
NOVAtherm Multi - R1.8 medium density, underfloor insulation is made of polyester, the same material that is used in most pillows and duvets.  Because NOVAtherm underfloor insulation comes in a pad, it is easy to install, as it is friction fitted between the floor joists and is able to be squeezed to fit tightly under the floor.  It comes in varying widths and pack sizes to suit different joist spacings.  Click here for the technical data sheet.
*NOVAtherm wall insulation also comes in segments which are inserted into the wall cavity.